Wildlife Charlie is a nature expert, bringing the joy of the natural world and wildlife to young people across the U.K. Enthusing the awe and wonder of the natural world into people’s lives is my business.

Captivating the science of the natural world to deliver imaginative, creative, enriching workshops. Young minds will be stimulated, enthused and challenged. Any wannabe David Attenborough better watch out!

Wildlife Charlie is on a mission for nature and to demonstrate the benefits for people.

For Schools

Wildlife Charlie

Wildlife Charlie Roadshow

Embracing STEM based workshops Wildlife Charlie delivers carefully prepared activities to engage children with environmentally focussed challenges:

Based on real life scenarios your children could be:

  • • Building and managing a nature reserve.
  • • Exploring like a professional ecologist.
  • • Managing a wildlife centre.
  • • Finding a solution to an environmental problem i.e. climate change solutions.

The Wildlife Charlie Challenge quiz is a firm favourite with schools. If it were a book it would be a bestseller!

The Wildlife Charlie Roadshow is available throughout the year on half or full day basis and can be delivered to multiple year groups. Contact Wildlife Charlie for more details and how to prepare for a visit.

In the Community

Wildlife Charlie

Nature walks and talks

Nature walks and talks is what Wildlife Charlie does best.

Personalised and group guided walks in the Great British countryside and presentations to your group are offered all year round. Contact Wildlife Charlie to see what is happening in your area or to arrange a guided activity.

In the Garden

Wildlife Charlie

Rain Water Gardens

In the UK, rain is – in most parts – just a part of daily life, and a bit of drizzle has never hurt anyone. However, due to climate change, extreme rainfall events are expected to increase.

Let nature take its course with a Rain Water Garden or as I prefer to call it; A Sponge Garden. Wildlife Charlie uses nature-based solutions to tackle the issues man-made drainage systems are un-able to face. A Wildlife Charlie Sponge Garden mimicks nature to capture water, allowing it to infiltrate before it returns to natural storage where it can benefit humans and wildlife rather than contributing to extreme flooding. Sponge Gardens were born out of a recognition for the important role that we all have in taking inspiration from and working with nature.

About Wildlife Charlie

Wildlife Charlie is a Wildlife Ranger, an amateur naturalist who remains perplexed about the fortune of turning a childhood passion, for the natural world, into a livelihood. All the same, to this day, I continue doing what I did when I was 6 years old. I have no intention of stopping.

My darker side is a little harder to explain: settling in woods watching out for Badger and Red Fox amazed by the ariel acrobatics of bats overhead, drifting through rivers, boiling up skulls for a growing bone collection, tubs of moss and leaves, animal droppings and broken bits of animals set against endless displays of insects.

Wildlife Charlie also manages an amazing small charity called The WildAid Foundation Trust. My work here is dedicated to supporting small wildlife rescue centres across the U.K. and delivering Wildlife Link an education programme where children learn about wildlife rescue and conservation through STEM based workshops. Your school will have the unique opportunity to be linked with a local wildlife rescue centre.

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